About Us ハッシュって?

The Nagoya Hash House Harriers (NH3) is one of approximately 2000 worldwide chapters of the Hash House Harriers, an international "drinking club with a running problem" founded in Malaysia in 1938.
NH3 was founded on 23rd January, 1994 by Lydia "Master Chugger" Westbrook.
NH3's runs take place twice a month in summer and once in winter somewhere in or around Nagoya,a bustling city of approximately 2.1 million people in Japan.


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FAQ 日本語は下にあります。

Q. How can I join Nagoya HHH?

A. No need to pre-register. Just come to the meeting place (usually at a subway or train station) at the meeting time.

Q. When do you run?
A. We run usually on the 1st and 3rd Sunday (only 3rd Sunday in Jan, Feb, and Mar)
     and meet at 2:00 pm in Apr to Oct, 1:00 pm in Nov to Mar.
     We have some special runs such as Hanami (cherry blossom party), Red Dress, Camp,
     Halloween (on the last Sunday in Oct), Bonenkai (year-end party), and more.
     Please check the Hareline (Upcoming Schedule)

Q. How much do I need to pay to join it?
A. The participating fee is 1,000 yen per run for beer and snacks.
     If you would like to join "Hash Bash" (dinner at izakaya) after the run, it will cost about 2,000-3,000 yen

Q. How long do you run?
A. The course is approximately 7-12 km, 1-2 hours.
     It depends on who makes it (we call the person in charge "Hare",) and the weather.

Q. How advanced in running do I have to be?
A. You can run (or walk) at your own pace.
     Some of us are running seriously, some are walking with enjoying scenery and chattering.

Q. How do you find the course which the "Hare" has made?
A. We have some rules to run. We will tell you those before starting the run.

Q. Should I run with my baggage?
A. The Hare carries your bags to the goal by car. The start and the goal are usually different places.

Q. What are the strange names for the members?
A. We will give you a Hash name at your 5th run!


If you have any other questions about Nagoya HHH, please contact from

Hope to meet you at the next run!


Q. どうすれば名古屋ハッシュに参加できますか?
A. 事前の申し込みは要りません。

Q. いつ走っていますか?
A. 基本的に第1、第3日曜日に走っています(1月から3月は第3のみ)。
    花見、Red Dress、キャンプ、ハロウィン、忘年会など、特別なランも時々あります。

Q. 参加費はいりますか?
A. ラン毎に1,000円をいただいています(ビール、お菓子などの費用)。

Q. どのくらい走るのですか?
A. コースはおおよそ7kmから12km程、1時間から2時間程です。

Q. 走る経験は必要ですか?
A. ほとんどいりません。自分のペースで走る(歩く)ことができます。

Q. どうやって「ヘア」の作ったコースをたどるのですか?
A. いくつかのルールに基づいて走ります。初参加の方には、走る前に説明します。

Q. 着替えなどの荷物を持ったまま走らなければならないのですか?
A. 参加者の荷物はヘアが車でゴールまで運ぶので、身軽に走れます。

Q. サイト上に登場する人たちの変わった名前は何ですか?
A. 参加5回目に「ハッシュネーム」が授けられることになっています!お楽しみに!